Welcome to the FrontDoorSoftware (FDS) download Page

Newest versions are now on the top.

FDS for Apple.zip 14.11   (Should work on Apple 10.10.*)

FDS for Apple.zip 14.06

FDS for Windows.exe 10.04

FDS for Windows.exe 16.01 Beta (Beta for Windows 10)

FDS for Apple.app.zip 13.03
FDS for Apple.app.zip 12.03

Older versions.

XP32 0.10.5
Windows7 32bit and Vista 32bit 0.10.5
Windows7 64bit and Vista 64bit 0.10.5
FDS for Apple 0.10.5

If you installed version XP32 0.10.2 you will need to upgrade your XP version or run this program to get accruate location of your XP computer. Wi-Fi Serivce Setup (svcsetup.exe)

Beta proxy version

Will run over a proxy FDS for XP32 0.10.5 Proxy

Default Links
FDS for Windows.exe
FDS for Apple.app.zip

Old default Links
FDS for Vista32
FDS for XP32
FDS for Apple
FDS for Vista64

FDS Linux Beta

FDS Android Beta


FDS 13.11 Beta

FrontDoorSoftware 13.11 Beta

FDS for PC with new setliense program
FDS for Windows.exe 10.04
FDS for Apple 14.00 for testing. Should work on Apple 10.9
FDS for Apple.app.zip